Invest today for tomorrow.

Invest today for tomorrow.



High-Tech Investments

AI/Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Fin-Tech, Med-Tech…

All these are terms for companies that deal with algorithms, logics, machine language, payment gateways or data encryption and can quickly develop into companies and technologies worth billions..

High-frequency Trading

Using our own algorithms, logics, bots and data processing methods, we are able to interpret highly complex financial mathematical indicators and process them cloud-based within milliseconds. Abitrage and spread trading are also fully automated and implemented by us in almost real time..

High-quality Service

Through an innovative and smart back office, the entire customer relationship is represented digitally, so that the investor can access his portfolio 24/7 and worldwide. With a tokenized share management, we help to minimize paperwork and leave a green fingerprint.

About us

We at meck invest bring two worlds together! 

The classic financial market with all its aspects, regulations, hurdles and challenges as well as trend-setting high technology from all important areas that will decisively shape our future. With over 30 years of experience in these worlds, a special symbiosis is created.

Since we do not only understand tomorrow’s technologies, but also actively develop, promote and operate them, we are in a position to not only forecast these markets, but to open them up and play an active role in shaping them.

It is our aim to make this knowledge available to a community of like-minded people, to share years of successful work together to make our world, as we know it today, a better, smarter and more independent place. By investing in start-up companies from a wide range of sectors, we influence the development of these industries, coupled with strong returns from our in-house trading and a steady growth-oriented approach that helps to protect resources and not destroy them.

We want to do our part to make the financial system profitable again for the people who use it every day and not just for those who corrupt and manipulate it for their own purposes to achieve their own interests on the backs of others – no matter what the price.

All of this sounds very noble and poetic, but we firmly believe that money multiplication is possible without robbing our planet. “Social Trading and Social Investment”…

This is our idea – this is meck invest – invest today for tomorrow.

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